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A Moment of Hope with Upward Transitions

Jan 19, 2021

This week, Micah will be joined by Margaret Creighton and Kelly Berger from Positive Tomorrows. Margaret serves as a trusted member of Positive Tomorrows’ leadership team, overseeing all fundraising and marketing efforts of the organization including major gifts, corporate donations, grants, events, PR and in-kind resources. She believes in building long-lasting and trusting relationships with donors, helping them find where their investment can make the most impact. Kelly is the primary leader of family/parent development and case management at Positive Tomorrows. Specializing in strengths-based interventions and a holistic approach, Kelly and his team assist student families in creating their own stability and long-term success.
Our conversation will revolve around how poverty and homelessness impacts families and children. We are so grateful to Margaret and Kelly for joining us!